About WCJ Worldwide

WCJ Worldwide is based in the Republic of Ireland and is a subsidiary of Milwaukee-based US wire manufacturer and distributor WCJ Pilgrim.

WCJ Pilgrim is the largest distributor of stitching wire in North America and world leader in high quality wire.

Together, these two companies export high quality, premium wire around the word, from warehouses across North America, in Canada and Mexico, across Europe and in the Middle East.

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Thomas Briggs

Stitching with wire was invented by Thomas Briggs in 1886 and WCJ Worldwide can trace its lineage right back to the company of which he was president, The Boston Wire Stitching Company (subsequently renamed Bostitch ® ).

From the start it’s always been known that to get the best quality stitch and the most consistent stitch, you need a combination of the right operator, the correct equipment and the best-suited wire. At WCJ, we know and understand all elements of this triumvirate but it is our extensive knowledge and experience of the equipment and wire elements that can help you get the best outcomes for your business.

Your choice of wire is based on both the equipment that you are using and the speed and type of work that you are stitching. Because we have an in-depth knowledge of stitching processes and problems, together with a wide range of solutions, we are perfectly placed to be able to offer you broad, sound advice as well as a top quality product.

Worldwide Experience

Our global reach enables us to draw on the experience of many enterprises around the world.

We can take successful ideas from innovative companies engaged in similar work to your own and help you apply these ideas locally to improve your productivity and quality of stitch and to reduce costly downtime.

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