Quality Assurance

Quality is the cornerstone for everything that we do at WCJ Worldwide. Our wire is made according to the strictest production standards and we are proud to be a world leader in the supply of highest quality wire.

We supply and work with some of the largest print finishers in the world. They know and appreciate that price is not necessarily the most important factor in their buying decisions. Instead, it is vital to avoid the pitfalls that arise if poor quality wire is used.

Poor quality wire will hugely increase the cost of production and reduce productivity because it:

  • Gives a poor quality stitch, putting your customers’ satisfaction in jeopardy
  • Causes problems such as flaking, misfeeding and breaking that result in production downtime, which at worst can affect delivery deadlines
  • Causes greater wear on stitcher heads and therefore increases maintenance costs
  • Causes wastage – instead of the whole spool being used it gets discarded early

Smart purchasers source their wire from WCJ Worldwide, where they can rely on:

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